Leica Sprinter 150M Level

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Leica Sprinter 150M Digital Level

The perfect tool for advanced construction leveling tasks. Store up to 2,000 measurements, download and transfer them for further calculations to a PC via USB. The different calculation options gives you a high level of flexibility. These digital levels facilitate your leveling jobs significantly.


Leica Sprinter 150M Specifications

Height accuracies Standard devation height measurement per 1 km double run (ISO 17123-2)
Electronic measurement 1.5 mm
Optical measurement With standard aluminum E-scale/Numeral staff: 2.5 mm
Single staff reading Standard Deviation: 0.6 mm (electronic) and 1.2 mm (optical) at 30m
Distance accuracies Standard deviation distance measurement 10 mm for D ≤ 10 m and (Distance in m x 0.001) for D > 10 m
Range 2 – 100 m (electronic)
Measuring modes Single and Tracking
Time for single measurement < 3 sec
Compensator Magnet damped pendulum compensator (range +/- 10 min)
Telescope Magnification (optical) 24x
Data storage Up to 2’000 points (only 150M)
Environmental conditions IP55
Power Supply AA dry cells (4 x LR6/AA/AM3 1.5 V)
Weight <2.5 kg


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