Positioning and Navigation

Seamap has 20 years of experience in offshore positioning services, ranging from planning and implementing projects for offshore oil and gas exploration and production of oil and gas sectors. Seamap has technology resources from longtime domestic and foreign partners (such as Fugro, Romona etc.) to execute complex projects and provide the highest standards of quality. The main navigation and positioning services we provide include:

  • Provision of Navigation and positioning services for drilling rigs.
  • Navigating and positioning the crane barg to carry out installation and repair of marine structures, laying pipes, chains and cables.
  • Positioning and navigation for the installation and repair of oil tankers.
  • Positioning and navigation for the anchoring of vessels at sea…
  • Defining the coordinates of structures at sea.
  • Positioning and navigating for geological surveys, VSP surveys.
  • Other navigation and positioning services at the request of customers.