Underwater positioning (USBL, LBL)

Seamap started applying (USBL) underwater positioning technology for the first time in Vietnam in 2008 for its services for oil and gas sectors in Vung Tau – Vietnam. After more than 10 years of service development with practical experience, research and knowledge collected through many times of collaborating with foreign partners, Seamap has now equipped with underwater positioning systems – the most advanced underwater positioning in the world (Sonardyne Ranger 2 – Survey Option – Generation 6 – 6G+), step-by-step application of underwater ultra-short base-line positioning (USBL) for shallow and average depth areas, long base-line (LBL) for areas of great depth. Seamap’s underwater positioning services include: 

  • Positioning and navigating the ROV;v  Positioning for survey sonars
  • Positioning for the construction, installation and repair of submarine structures
  • Positioning and navigation for divers;
  • Precise positioning for the installation of subsea structures, pipelines, cable laying.