Survey for the construction of offshore structures

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Survey for offshore construction
Seamap survey services, measurement, multi-beam scanning services we can support the installation of your offshore structures. Using our innovative solutions, we can save you time and significantly improve the safety of your operations. Securing the right support services can benefit your project when it comes to critical time, cost and performance objectives.

  • Hydrographic survey Services – MBES and SBES technology
  • Side Scan Sonar survey Services
  • Geological and geophysical survey services (subbottom profiler, pinger, boomer)
  • Magnatometer and Gradiometer survey services
  • Hydrographic survey include sampling (Drobcore, drilling, sampling, vibrocore…)
  • Sector scan, multibeam scanning services (underwater survey, construction support)
  • Combine: USBL/LBL, MBES survey, ROV survey services
  • Other marine survey services satisfying Client requirements…