Flowquest 1000 Currrent profiler

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FlowQuest is a line of high performance Acoustic Current Profilers manufactured by LinkQuest Inc., a company renown for its innovation, capability and product quality. The FlowQuest current profilers are ideal for measuring currents and flows in oceans, harbors, lakes and rivers, and Ịor measuring waves in oceans and Coastal areas. With its capability for significantly longer range, Standard deepwater depth rating and seamless integration with third-party sensors and LinkQuest acoustic modems, the FlowQuest System is not just a current profiler. It also serves as a focal pointfor your underwater deployments.

FlowQuest 1000
Maximum Range 40 m
Wave Height Resolution 1 cm
Wave Height Accuracy 2.5 cm
Wave Direction Resolution 0.1 degree
Wave Direction Accuracy 2 degrees

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